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COVID-19 Has Permanently Changed U.S. Economy

COVID-19 has permanently changed the U.S. economy. People have been forced to learn to live differently out of necessity. “We’re recovering, but to a different economy,” was recently expressed by U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. So, what has changed?

Tax Prep Great Experience for Accounting Students

A large portion of college students have decided to take a break until this pandemic is under control. Accounting students should train to work as tax preparers to get hands-on experience.

Would You Like to Work Safely from Home?

Has the Coronavirus affected your normal employment? Begin a new career where your success is only limited to how hard you work. Become a tax preparer and work safely from home. Download the free eBook about becoming a tax preparer.

New Safe Career Opportunities During This Pandemic

New safe career opportunities are available during this pandemic. In fact, you can earn more money in 100 days than most folks make working the entire year. Truly! These career opportunities do not require a college degree.