New Safe Career Opportunities During This Pandemic

Death and Taxes are Unavoidable

We have all been dealing with the chaos caused by the Coronavirus.  These are uncertain times and many of us have been required to shelter at home.  What has also become uncertain for many of us is the availability of work.  We all deserve safe career opportunities.

We still do not have a solution for our current health epidemic, which is leaving many of us financially vulnerable. Also, what happens if something else catastrophic occurs?  Many Americans are already coping with a significant secondary pending tragedy, such as hurricane weather or fires.  Then there is civil the unrest we are painfully watching each evening on the news. 

Life has been complicated. 

Despite our nation being heavily hit by this epidemic, our national government is still collecting taxes.  We’ve all learned the hard way that Benjamin Franklin was painfully correct when he said, “There is nothing certain but death and taxes.” Let’s be life-changing like Benjamin Franklin and only focus on safe career opportunities. We all deserve to be safe while we are contributing to society and earning a living.

So, why not get into an industry that is apparently a lifelong reality?  Just to be clear, I am not referring to profiting from death.

 I’m talking about taxes. Become a tax preparer and enjoy a safe career opportunity with nearly unlimited earning potential.

I am saying that the industry created by the requirement to report our income and pay tax on that income is likely reliable employment.  But wait, you could argue that technology has made it possible for everyone to file on their own over the internet?  Right? 

Nearly Half of All Tax Returns are Prepared by Professionals

Yes, everyone has that option.  However, nearly half of all U.S. citizens pay a tax professional to prepare their tax returns. 

There are many reasons why folks choose to pay someone, but the main issue is that the United States Tax Code is extremely complex and vast.  For those people, the $200 – $500 fee they pay for the preparation is still considered a win.  That’s because a skilled tax preparer can utilize their training and experience to make sure their clients only pay the tax they are legally required to pay and no more. 

Another fact that makes pursuing a career as a tax professional extremely attractive is the fact that the majority of the industry experts are hitting retirement age.  Those from the Baby Boomer Generation make up a large portion of existing tax professionals.  To put it plainly, many Americans will be in-need of a new tax preparer any year now. 

And remember, our tax laws state that all income must be reported.  Most states have that same law. 

So what I’m saying is that the tax industry has a need for new trained professionals.  Why can’t that be you?

Now is the Perfect Time to Become a Tax Preparer

The training required to become a tax preparer is important to be sure. But many people already have other skills that will enhance your ability to earn a living as a tax professional.  For Example:

  • Do you speak a language other than English? 
  • Have you spent years working in any particular industry? 

Being able to speak an additional language can be a very profitable attribute for a tax professional, especially depending on where you choose to live.  For example, if you live in Southern California, your ability to fluently speak Spanish in addition to American English can elevate you to be in high demand! Also, your experience with another industry, say for example you were a server in restaurants for several years.  That experience is an asset in the tax preparation industry.  You’ll understand every aspect of life for folks who work in that industry, which will help you make sure they only pay the income tax they are legally expected to pay and no more. 

Every career that provides a healthy living requires a lot of work.  But for most tax professionals, that hard work is only for one third of the year.  That’s right!  You read what I wrote correctly.  Many tax professionals only work hard for part of the year.  That part we call Tax Season can be full of extremely long work days, to be sure. 

But don’t most folks work hard already?  Why not work hard and work smart so that you can live the life you choose.  Enjoy this safe career opportunity. This logic is what  successful seasoned tax professionals live by.

Earn More Money in 100 Days Than Most Folks Who Work All Year

If making good money, helping people, and not needing to work full-time all year-round is a topic you’re interested in, we wrote up a free eBook for you called, How to Work Fewer than 100 Days Per Year, While Earning More Money Than Most People Who Work 365 Days Per Year.  You can click here to download that free ebook now.

There is no charge at all for the eBook which was provided by Pronto Tax School.  I’ve read it myself and I found the text to be an excellent explanation of how to become a tax professional, while clearly explaining two very different paths available to new tax preparers. 

Remember, you do not need a college degree to be a high earning or highly paid tax professional.  We all know that both taxes and death are certain. May I suggest you enjoy this flexible and lucrative career of helping folks with their taxes. It’s possible for you to live the lifestyle of your choosing if you become a tax preparer.

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Let's Make Sure We Direct You to the Right
Training for Your Needs!

Please click the button below for your primary tax credential.

Not sure which credential applies to your situation?  Click here to reach our support team and we'll help you decide.