Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Yes. We are approved by IRS (Provider Number MPMDK), CTEC (Provider Number 6201), and NASBA (Sponsor Number 143984).
You can get a refund for any reason at any time within 14 days with no hassle at all. The only exception to our refund policy is if your hours have already been reported to an agency (IRS or CTEC), in which case there are no refunds available, even if it's within 14 days of your purchase. After 14 days, there are no refunds; this way, you can test out our products with no risk and make sure you're happy. Click here to view our full Terms of Service, which includes our refund policy.
If I am an existing Member and I upgrade my Membership to a higher level plan, do I get a discount on the higher level plan because I already paid for the lower level plan? For example, let's say I purchase a Plan 1 Membership for $97, then I want to upgrade to a Plan 2 which costs $497. Will I pay $497 for my Plan 2 Membership or will I pay $497 - $97 = $400? Yes! If you upgrade your Membership after purchasing a lower level Membership, you will receive 100% credit on your new Membership Plan. Contact our support team if you'd like to upgrade your Membership.
We do offer "one time purchases" for the following products:

1) Basic Income Tax Course – Federal Version. The course you need to "go pro" in the tax business.

2) Basic Income Tax Course – Federal and California Version. The course you need to "go pro" in California (CTEC 60 Hour Basic Income Tax Course).

3 )Business Tax Certified Training Program.

4) Enrolled Agent Exam Preparation Training Program.

5) 1040 Tax Preparation Software + Training + Support Package.

6) "All-in-One" Tax Preparation Software + Training + Support Package.

7) Mentor Support Session event tickets.

All products other than those products shown above are only available through our Membership Plans. Your investment in the Membership plan that best fits your needs allows us to continue investing large amounts of time and money into providing training, tools, and support that help tax professionals (including you, we hope!) enjoy greater confidence and higher performance.  Click here to view Membership Plans.
All Membership Plans automatically renew, unless you tell us you want to cancel. We make it very easy to cancel your Membership at any time, and you never are obligated to renew your Membership or locked into any contracts. We also send multiple reminders before your Membership renews, to make sure you never get "surprised" by your Membership renewal charge and you always stay in control of your budget.
Generally speaking, no. However, if you have a special situation, please click here to contact our support team and let's talk.
Once our competitors start matching what we do for our Members, we can look into matching their prices. We started out back in the day being the cheapest (our first course was $28). Nowadays, we focus 100% of our efforts on being the best fit for the group of people we've chosen to serve: scrappy underdog tax professionals. That being said, we are absolutely committed to offering affordable pricing for all tax pros.
Nope! We give out a lot of free training and resources that any tax professional can access at any time, at no cost. Many of our best Members started out by "testing us" and then decided later to invest in a Membership. We'd love to give you some free stuff, too, and see if we can work hard to earn your respect and trust. To view a list of free stuff you can get free from Pronto, click here to access free resources.
Two main differentiators: 1)We're "scrappy underdog" tax professionals just like you (we train tax pros on real life stuff, not just "book learning"), and 2)Our training is the most non-boring tax education ever, of all time.ion
We've been delivering online tax courses since 2011 and earned thousands of 5 star reviews from real tax pros who use our training, tools, and support resources. We've helped more than 20,000 tax professionals enjoy greater confidence and higher performance and successfully delivered over 100,000 online courses. We've also helped more than 1,000 people start their own tax businesses from scratch.
Roundabout 2010, some random tax preparer felt all alone and desperate—stranded!—on the infamous "Tax Preparer Island," so he started retaliating against his own feelings of inadequacy by building training materials designed to help him and his team enjoy less stress and more success. Then this random tax preparer thought to himself, "What if we started sharing our internal company training with other independent tax pros, who also feel stranded on Tax Preparer Island? Then what if all of us 'scrappy underdog types' start getting so good at our jobs that we not only compete with multi-billion dollar corporations, but we actually beat the pants off them with astonishing regularity? But we don't do it in an angry way, we just keep getting a little better every day and then we win against all odds, something similar to how 6 quarterbacks were picked before Tom Brady?" Then the random tax preparer struggled, failed, and sometimes succeeded in those efforts. Then other tax professionals started helping the random tax preparer, and now, thanks to the efforts of MANY people who have helped to build the Pronto Tax School Network, "Tax Preparer Island" has become a fun and profitable place.His
Click here to check out the three unique, affordable Membership options that we offer.