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New podcast! Hosted by Jeff Dolan and Andy Frye, Tax Pro Nation is the show for independent tax professionals, airing every Monday.

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We're an online tax school on a mission to make the lives of tax professionals easier and more profitable. We specialize in providing relevant, convenient, not boring CTEC-approved and IRS-approved online tax courses and online tax preparer continuing education courses. We provide training, tools, and support to help tax professionals achieve less stress and more success. We also offer tax education to the general public including several free online tax courses. Thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions please always feel free to contact us!

Renew CTEC
3 Hours Federal Update, 2 Hours Ethics, 10 Hours Other Federal Tax Topics, and 5 Hours California Tax
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Are you a California Tax Pro? Are you tired of taking insanely boring courses every year? At Pronto, we want to make your life easier and more profitable, while having fun in the process. We designed our course to be highly relevant to what you actually do as a CA tax professional. It includes a comprehensive federal tax ad California update including the new Tax Reform Changes. It also satisfies IRS Hours for Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP). We are SUPER FAST at reporting your hours with a notification to you when your hours are reported To CTEC. And there is a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee (note: no refunds after hours reported).

What Our Members Say

"You guys are so much more than just a tax school. You've helped me build my business."
Rod Maoirano
Encino, California
"Your course does wonders for filling in the blanks and answering the whys."
Teowonna Clifton
Columbia, South Carolina
"I have never enjoyed learning and refreshing my knowledge on tax laws as I do every year with Pronto. It's very well written and easy to understand. It's also quite humorous and therefore quite enjoyable."
Mary Trinh
San Jose, California

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