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Non-Boring Online Training for Independent Tax Pros

How We Help Tax Preparers

Pronto Tax School is an online tax school on a mission to make your life as a tax professional easier and more profitable.

We specialize in providing relevant, convenient, NOT BORING online tax courses

We are an IRS-approved and CTEC-approved education provider.

Thousands of tax professionals trust Pronto Tax School to provide the tax training, tools, and support to help them achieve less stress and more success.

Pronto Tax School is IRS Provider Number: MPMDK
Pronto Tax School is CTEC Education Provider ID: 6201

The Pronto Path

We are experienced tax professionals ourselves, and we have mapped out every step in the journey of a successful tax professional.  This tax professional career map we’ve built for you, which we call The Pronto Path, is based on studying the careers of over 15,000 tax pros who have used our training system.

Our goal is to help you every step of your path!  Whether you’re just getting started in taxes, just need your CE, or want to learn new skills as an experienced tax veteran, we have a proven track record of helping our fellow tax pros, and we’d love to help you, too.

Many independent tax pros feel like they are wandering through the wilderness – excited but kinda lost, not sure where they’re going.  We know how that feels, so we encourage you to explore The Pronto Path to orient yourself.

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