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What do Business Owners Look for in a Tax Preparer?

When it comes to small business owners they are very particular on who they trust. Often their business is like their baby; it means the world to them and they don’t want just anyone touching it. Three specific requirements business owners typically look for in a tax preparer are:

Questions About Corporate Tax Returns, Who Do I Call?

When you’re a tax preparer trying to complete a corporation tax return, it can be a nerve-wracking process, that is for sure. Many tax preparers don’t have a mentor or other colleague who can answer corporation tax return questions so you might be feeling all alone. We here at the Pronto Tax School believe in customer service. Read this blog for more information on how we will be there to support you and your career.

How to Help a Failed Business (in 4 simple steps!)

How do you help a client with a failed business? We write about 4 simple steps you can utilize to be of maximum service to your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Business Tax Verified Training Program

Here below are the answers to common questions regarding the new Business Tax Verified Training Program co-created by CPA Adam Shay and Pronto Tax School Founder Andy Frye. Several of the most commonly asked questions are asked and answered in this article