Pronto Tax School


Our Story

Pronto Tax School, Inc. was born out of Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc., a family-owned and operated, multi-location tax preparation business based out of Southern California, which has been in the tax business since 1965.

Although we always did our best for our clients, we also often felt “stranded on Tax Preparer Island” when it came to getting access to the best training, tools, and support in the tax industry. Big tax companies had training systems that empowered them to be their best. What about us???

original building

In the process of growing our own independent tax business, we noticed that providing our team members with extensive training was the key factor driving our growth.

We figured that there must be many other independent tax professionals who felt just like we felt: so much potential, if only we had more training, better tools, and more support when we needed it…

There seemed to be a shortage of tax training that was relevant to our daily lives as tax professionals, that was convenient to our schedules (and easy on our pocketbooks!), and that was not really, really boring.

Roundabout 2010, we figured that if we couldn’t find relevant, convenient, and non-boring tax education, we might as well do it ourselves.

Therefore, we took the steps of becoming an approved education provider with the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). And we released our first two products, the “become a tax preparer” basic income tax course and then the “annual update & refresher” 20 Hour CTEC Renewal course. In 2020, we were approved by NASBA to offer CPE for CPAs, as well.

Instead of keeping our training “in house,” we decided to create a type of “open source” learning system that any independent tax professional could plug into, and advance your knowledge and your career while interacting in a community full of people who actually want to see you succeed.

We were fortunate to find a wonderful customer base for our products and now we find ourselves serving thousands of tax professionals all across the nation.  Thank you to all our Pronto Tax School Members.  It is truly a privilege to help you help your clients, make money, and enjoy life.

Our Culture

We focus our company culture on three core values:

1) Help People: we are passionate about helping independent tax professionals, who often feel alone and overwhelmed. By helping tax pros, we indirectly help your clients, too. “Is this helping people?” is the first question we ask when wondering if we should do something or not.

2) Have Fun: as you know if you’ve taken any tax education with us, we like to laugh and have a good time. Our hope is to keep you awake and engaged while you learn about taxes.

3) Be Profitable: the revenue and profits that we make as a company enable us to keep doing what we do for our customers and communities. We strive to be a company that does good and does well at the same time.


Our goal is to not just talk about these values but to live them out every day for the benefit of our Members who rely on us.

Our Team

We have been incredibly blessed to assemble an awesome group of talented, results-oriented people. Some of our team is based out of our Los Angeles office while others work out of East Coast office, in Wilmington, North Carolina. No matter where we are, no matter where we go, we stay united in our desire to provide our Pronto Tax School Members and Friends with training, tools, and support that makes your life as a tax professional easier, more profitable, and more fun.

Andy Frye Pronto Tax School

Andy Frye

Founder & CEO

Andrew Freiburghouse, known as “Andy Frye” in Tax World, is a third-generation tax business entrepreneur, Enrolled Agent, and Friend to Tax Professionals Everywhere who serves as CEO, CFO, and Primary Product Creator at Pronto Tax School, Inc.

Imelda Ledesma

Imelda Ledesma leads our Pronto Tax School Support Team. Smart, caring, and diligent, Imelda makes sure that our thousands of Members are well-taken care of, appreciated, and respected. Imelda is also a working tax professional herself, thank you Imelda for all that you do!

Glen Wielandt Pronto Tax School

Glen Wielandt, a 40 year veteran of the tax business, is our fearless Director of Member Success. Glen’s role involves making sure that no tax professional is left stranded on Tax Preparer Island. Thank you Glen for the wisdom and hard work you contribute!

Yuridia “Yuri” Jimenez is a key player in our Support Department. Yuri is a working tax professional, a successful insurance agent, a Mom of two, and a graduate of UC Riverside. Thank you Yuri for your hard work and always caring about getting the best solution for your fellow tax professionals!

Karen Gonzalez

Karen Gonzalez is our talented graphic designer / marketing maven. She makes beautiful logos and also has served as an advisor to the company over numerous years. Thank you Karen, you rock!

The truth is that many people have contributed, and continue to contribute, to our efforts here at Pronto Tax School, Inc. Please allow us to recognize in particular Colleen, Jeff, Jim, David, Adam, Jesus, Andrea, Carlos, and Miguel for their special contributions. Our Members (customers) have also greatly contributed to our growth, and we consider our Members to be a part of our team–believe us, we learn as much from you as you do from us, if not more, and we appreciate YOU! 🙂