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From Tax Evader to Tax Problem Solver with Carlos Samaniego, EA

Our guest on this episode is Carlos Samaniego, EA, winner of the 2020 My Tax Career Story Contest. Join us as he shares his amazing story of redemption going from a tax evader to self-taught tax pro. He was inspired by a mentor to get into the tax business, and he now acts as a […]

Client Care with Casimiro Jesse Peña

Tax pro and entrepreneur Casimiro Jesse Peña sits with Jeff and Andy as Tax Pro Nation’s first guest on the show to talk about client care. Jesse goes deep into the insights that have helped him grow his tax career and how truly caring about the client is key.

Step 7 of The Pronto Path: Multiplication

This week, we continue the series on our journey through all 9 steps of The Pronto Path. Step 7 is called Multiplication: train and mentor others in a way that benefits them and you. This step is how you scale your business exponentially.