The Pronto Path

The Pronto Path

The Pronto Path was created in the course of growing our own “scrappy underdog” independent tax business. In helping thousands of other independent tax professionals advance their careers, we have found that a major challenge for independent tax professionals is that we often don’t have any clear “career path.”

Many of us get into the tax business “by accident” and end up discovering that we really love helping our clients and, hey, by the way, we also can make some great money, too.  Which is always nice. Meanwhile, if we “do it right,” the tax business can give us a flexibility of schedule that only professionals can only envy.

Along the way, though, we encounter so many obstacles.

And we often don’t know what the next step is.

Growing Your Tax Business

For instance, most independent tax professionals get “stuck” when we try to scale our tax business beyond our own efforts.  Right?  I mean how many times have you said (or heard another tax professional say), “If only I could clone myself…”

How do you move beyond that “step” where you are doing substantially all the client work yourself to the “step” where you have built a team around you of other professionals and your business now has value regardless of whether you are personally there at the office or not?

If you’ve tried to cross over that bridge, you know what a challenge it is.  Making that leap doesn’t happen by accident and you need help from others to make it happen!

At Pronto Tax School, we are attempting to provide a greater level of clarity, and enable a different level of success, for independent tax professionals by creating a specific, actionable career pathway that we call “The Pronto Path.”

Share Your Tax Journey

To download the infographic image of all The Pronto Path steps in one “journey map,” please subscribe below.

Thanks for your interest, and we hope this empowers and encourages you.

Be advised that we also love to hear from YOU about your career journey and your feedback on this map we’ve built for independent tax pros.  We realize that there are many paths one can take in this business and that’s one of the great things about the tax industry.  Don’t be afraid to let us know what YOU think by commenting on this page or sending us an email.

Carry on, my friend, though the journey is not easy it’s always better when you have friends and allies to count on! We want to be a friend and ally for you.

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