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Step 4 of The Pronto Path: Elevation

This week, we continue the series on our journey through all 9 steps of The Pronto Path. Step 4 is called Elevation, where we will be raising our prices and finding a highly profitable niche. We must show great leadership, courage, and ownership of our business to success at this step. And many get stuck here for years.

Step 3 of The Pronto Path: Traction

How do you get your first 50 clients? This week, we continue the series on our journey through all 9 steps of The Pronto Path. Step 3 is called Traction, where we will complete our first 50 tax returns for real clients. This step is where we see our efforts to activate our business start to work in the market.

Levels to the Tax Game: (Success in the Tax Business)

A career in tax preparation generally starts with loads and loads of learning followed by even more work. We find that success is not just measured in money. What is success to you? How do you create synergy between your career goals and your private life? We highly recommend you actually visualize your success. We share how to begin down this path along with the different levels of the Tax Preparation Profession. Check out the Pronto Tax School Facebook page to learn from your fellow tax professionals. Or, grow your career by taking one of our online courses to further develop your tax preparation career.

Is it Smart to Become a Tax Preparer?

They say that two things are a sure thing in life, and those are death and well, you know the other. And because taxes are that part of life that is inevitable unavoidable income tax preparers have maintained several decades of job security. There have been changes within the demographics of the industry along with the clientele’s shift in strategy. There are more options than ever when it come to filing your taxes, and tax preparers have been pushed into developing wider arrays of products just to keep up. Let’s take a look at the ever-changing state of the tax preparation game and where it may go from here.

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