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We know that getting free tax training is an excellent way for you to evaluate which tax training providers you want to choose.  We aspire to be on your list of trusted tax training companies that help you achieve your goals.  We know that it can be confusing and lonely when you’re a new tax preparer and that’s why we have always placed a heavy emphasis on educating, empowering, and encouraging new tax preparers.

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We also provide free tax updates for tax preparers through our free tax training email list.  Many tax professionals use our free email updates as their “secret weapon” to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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You can always click here to view our comprehensive library of tax training resources.  Our mission is to make your life as a tax professional easier and more profitable all the way from the beginning of your career to the end.  We are independent tax professionals ourselves and we are seeking to create a community of “tax pros helping tax pros” and we are all having fun in the process … life is too short to not love what you do!

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