Pronto Tax School


Our support team includes working tax professionals who understand what you go through.  We take pride in serving you, and we strive for rapid response times and enthusiastic service.

We appreciate your help to keep the cost of our products accessible to all tax professionals.  With this in mind, please use our customer support resources wisely and respectfully.

We promise to always treat you with respect and consideration as our teammate in this venture.

For Fastest Response:

Create a customer service ticket by clicking on the green Need Help? button in the bottom right corner and then clicking Support.

Please be specific in your ticket description about how we can help you.

We work hard to respond to all requests within 24 hours; typical response times for online support are quite fast. 

If it’s close to a deadline, we accelerate our response times even more.

Tax Software Support:

If you are seeking technical support with your individual or business tax software, please note that we have special teams that handle all tech support issues related to each tax software. Please login to your account to find all the contact details.

Phone Support:

We do provide phone support at (310) 422-1283.

Phone support is provided based on availability.

Email is the primary support method that we use.

Every email that you send us creates a ticket on our system that must be resolved, which helps us to make sure we have responded to you and met your needs.  We are happy to speak with you by phone as well, based on availability.

Pronto Hands-Free Mobile App Support

Please submit your question or concern to Jeremy, our mobile app developer, here.