Our support team includes working tax professionals who understand what you go through.  We take pride in serving you, and we strive for rapid response times and friendly, professional, and efficient service.

Online Support System

Online Documentation & Knowledge Base

Tax Software Support:

If you are seeking technical support with your individual or business tax software, please note that we have special teams that handle all tech support issues related to each tax software. Please login to your Pronto Tax School account to find all the contact details for tax software support.

Phone Support:

We do provide phone support at (310) 422-1283 and you can also text message our support team on that number. Please keep in mind that while we enjoy talking to our fellow tax pros by phone, we are not a “phone bank” where we have phones being answered at all times of day and night. Our primary method of providing support is for you to click here and go through our online ticketing system — this system enables us to track and fulfill every single request that we get.