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Everyone on our support team is a working tax professional just like you are.  We take pride in serving you and we understand what you go through.

At the same time, we need your help to keep the cost of our programs as affordable as possible.  Always remember that these products are intended as self-study.  Please use our customer support resources wisely and respectfully.

We promise to always treat you with respect and consideration as our teammate in this venture.

Help Center Answers

Our Help Center has the answers to the most frequently asked questions.  Please start there to resolve any issue you may be experiencing.  That being said if you find you need further help of course feel free to reach out.



(310) 422-1283.  You can also text message us at this number.

During tax season (February through April), we are extremely busy serving our own tax clients.  During these months, please start any tax school customer service by sending us an email or (even better) send us a message on our Facebook Page.

Please include details in your email or Facebook Message about how we can help you best and we will work our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you!

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