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CTEC Reminder: Deadline October 31st

Just a little reminder you have 53 days to complete your course and register with CTEC to avoid the $55 penalty fee. If you are a Forever Edition Member, the course is already in your account ready to go. After October 31, you can still renew CTEC by January 15, 2020, but you would have to pay that pesky […]

EA Exam Reschedule and Cancellation Problems

A quick heads up that our EA Exam Training Program teacher, TaxMama® Eva Rosenberg, has informed me that there have been some problems lately with Prometric, the company that administers the EA Exam. You know, Prometric, where you go to their “testing center” and they put you at a computer, give you the instructions, and then you sit […]

Thinking About Becoming an Enrolled Agent? Worried about time?

One big reason why people decide NOT to go for becoming an EA is…lack of time. Many of the tax pros considering getting the EA credential are very busy serving their clients. This can create a dynamic where studying for the EA exam means “losing money”–because that time studying could be spent making money, serving […]

COVID-19 Has Permanently Changed U.S. Economy

COVID-19 has permanently changed the U.S. economy. People have been forced to learn to live differently out of necessity. “We’re recovering, but to a different economy,” was recently expressed by U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. So, what has changed?

Tax Prep Great Experience for Accounting Students

A large portion of college students have decided to take a break until this pandemic is under control. Accounting students should train to work as tax preparers to get hands-on experience.