New Remote Jobs Available Now

Become a Tax Preparer

Most tax professionals either work in a tax office or work for themselves from home.  These days with all of us coping with this worldwide pandemic, working safely from home is ideal.  Those very jobs are becoming available for tax preparers. New remote jobs available now!

Large Companies You Know are Hiring

Believe it or not, many large businesses are taking a step into the tax preparation industry by hiring tax preparers to assist their current client base.  One such company is Intuit.

They are hiring tax professionals to assist folks with preparing their tax returns via Intuit’s online support.  With these jobs you work remotely from home and Intuit provides health insurance.  This is a third career path for tax preparers. 

Other Companies Like Intuit Are Also Hiring

Businesses in the same industry as Intuit will also be hiring remote workers at a high rate.  Intuit hires accountants and tax professionals.  Online tax preparation companies like Turbo Tax and Tax Act are also hiring tax preparers to assist their clients with preparing tax returns.  Pronto Tax School is the ideal tool to get you working for one of these firms.

This type of position would have the employee on the phone or video chat talking the client through his or her tax return preparation.  Not only would the worker provide software technical support, but this worker would also assist in the actual completion of the tax returns.  All of this is done safely and remotely. 

Now would you like to become a tax preparer?

A Large Group of Tax Professionals are Retiring!

A large portion of the experienced accounting and tax professionals are retiring right now.  The Baby Boomer Generation is extremely large compared to all other living generations of people here in the United States.  Accounting and tax careers were very popular with the Baby Boomers. 

A generation of tax professionals that is larger than any other generation ever to exist is retiring from service right now. That means there will be a greater need for accounting and tax professionals than the market has available to provide.

No Formal Education Required

That fact alone makes becoming a tax professional the ideal career.  Then, you add the fact that a tax career can allow you to work remotely from home.  What’s more, you do not need a college degree or even a high school diploma to legally work in this field. 

Unlimited Earning Potential

The tax profession is one of the few career paths that truly embody the spirit of “The American Dream.”  Your earning potential is only limited to how hard you are willing to work.  That is truly a tax preparer’s only income limitation.  Folks can work for others comfortably and safely.  Or tax preparers can start their very own tax preparation business. 

Learn How to Get Your Piece of the American Dream

Those opportunities represent the American Dream just waiting to be acted on.  If you want your piece of The American Dream, then I suggest you read this TOTALLY FREE eBook  written by long-time tax professional and teacher Mr. Andy Frye. 

This totally free eBook describes how anyone can earn more money in 100 days than most Americans earn for the entire year.  The answer as to how is to become a tax preparer.  But I’ll leave the rest for when you read the book yourself.  It’s brief and extremely useful.

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