Is doing taxes fun?

 By: Jamie Waggoner

When considering if doing taxes are fun, most assumptions fall under the answer no.

Even the question itself seems kind of absurd.  I mean seriously, how could doing taxes be fun?  Is going to the dentist fun?

This blog is here to talk about how that isn’t always the case and sometimes the answer is indeed yes, doing taxes is fun sometimes, for some people…let’s learn more.

Extended Vacation

Now who exactly thinks that doing taxes is fun, and why would they think that?

Well in fact many professional tax preparers think it’s fun and on reason why is because, if you play your cards right, you may have a solid 8-10 months of summer vacation.

These successful seasonal tax preparers work during tax season, which is only about 2-4 months, then they are home free and able to do whatever they want!  Yes these tax preparers do need to take online tax training to keep advancing your skills.  But still, the fact of all that time to yourself definitely increases the fun factor.

Fun for Certain People

Another factor, when considering is it fun to do taxes, is who YOU are and what you like.  For example, are you the type of person who loves doing puzzles?

Such as crossword puzzles for hours on end, or other activities that challenge you mentally?

If you answered yes to this question then it is a possibility that you would enjoy doing taxes because taxes are the ultimate puzzle.

Recipe for Comedy

You might not believe that doing taxes could be a good source of comedy, but reallly it does lead to some pretty hilarious situations.

Working with people on their taxes shows raw human nature.

 You have people coming to you with every story imaginable and sometimes it can be so real that you laugh at it.

We would get into more details but you kinda had to be there 🙂

Taxes are Always New

Another fun part about taxes: that there is always something new about them.

Taxes are always changing, which means you aren’t going to have the same tax experience every year.

In summary then, turns out again that the assumption (doing taxes is super-boring) doesn’t quite match up with reality (doing taxes is actually fun, in its own way and if you’re the right person for the job).  Ever thought about exploring a career or side hustle as a professional tax preparer?  Our online become a tax preparer course makes it super easy to start learning now and get the credential you need to start doing taxes professionally.

Just remember, if and when you decide to become a tax preparer, that you DON’T have to be boring to be successful. 

The best tax preparers have a sense of humor and clients love it!

About the writer: 

Jamie Waggoner is a Communication Major at University of North Carolina-Wilmington (UNCW).  Jamie’s favorite course at the moment is Integrated Marketing, which shows how smart companies use storytelling and word-of-mouth to develop authentic and compelling relationships with their customers and the general public.  Jamie did not realize when she accepted an internship at Pronto Tax School that she would become a tax expert, but hey, life is full of surprises and that’s a good thing.