Rare Career Opportunity

Do You Need a New Career?

Hello there.  How are you?  Has anyone sincerely asked you that question lately? 

When was the last time someone asked you those simple three words while they rolled off your back because you believed that person was merely being polite? 

Maybe it has been a while? 

Lately, asking someone how they are feeling is an extremely valid question!  So many of us all over our nation are struggling and suffering.  That means a few kind words may be emotionally meaningful. 

But how would you feel if one of your friends called you up and said, “I have a rare career opportunity for you which includes nearly unlimited career growth.” 

Are many of your daily negative emotions created by financial instability?  Do you know how you are going to get through the next six months?  The next year? 

Perhaps now is the time to chart a new career course.  I can offer you one career lead that does not require a college degree (not even a high school degree, in fact). 

Working Remotely is the Industry Norm

Not only are there always jobs available in this field, but most everyone with a few years’ experience can rather easily begin their very own business rather than work for others.  Working remotely or with extremely limited client contact is the industry norm.

No Degree or Diploma Required

Does that sound too good to be true?  A career that is available to everyone, does not require a college degree, and this career has unlimited earning potential. 

So, what’s the catch?

 Well, in reality there isn’t a catch.  However, just like any other career this one requires a lot of hard work.  And this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  This is a rare career opportunity.

You need to be able to read well and constantly be willing to learn new information.  You also must have basic math skills.  Can you add, subtract, multiply, and divide? 

Industry is Open to Everyone

Again, this career requires hard work and the first year or two you will not be wealthy.  If you want a real career with unlimited room for growth, then maybe it’s time for you to think about becoming a professional tax preparer

Yes, I really just wrote that if you want a real career you should think about becoming a tax professional.  There are several reasons why this can be a very successful career path for people lacking a college education or advanced degrees.  Don’t get me wrong, a college degree couldn’t hurt. Those reasons also apply to folks with advanced degrees. 

The Tax Profession and Accounting Profession are both industries experiencing a large proportion of professionals are retiring.  That fact alone has created an enormous need in the Tax Profession. 

How Do You Become a Tax Professional?

The very first step in becoming a tax professional is to take a Basic Income Tax Preparation Course to train you how to prepare personal income tax returns. 

But there are other positions as well.  Some firms utilize Data Input personnel who do not actually complete tax returns.  These personnel simply input all of the client provided data.  Then they leave the decisions regarding tax law to the tax preparers, Enrolled Agents, CPA’s, or Tax Attorneys. 

In addition to Data Input, the larger firms employ people who do nothing but organize appointments for the tax preparers.  That position is often called Scheduling Associate

The tax industry has a variety of positions they are constantly looking to fill. That is especially so during Tax Season which is from January 1st thru April 15th.

But if you are like me, you look for a career with unlimited earning potential.  I’d also be looking for a career that allows for a flexible schedule combined with extensive vacation time.  I value time with my family. 

Free eBook Describing How to Become a Tax Professional

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Begin a new career where how far you can rise is solely based on how hard you are willing to work. Become a tax preparer.  Then perhaps after a year or two of experience you’ll be ready to begin your own business.  It’s a rare career opportunity that can have you self-employed and enjoying long vacations only after a few courses and two years of experience.