Learn a New Career Safely from Home

Train for a New Remote Career

This new and scary reality has sent many of us scrambling to find employment safe from the effects of the Coronavirus.  Remotely working from home is ideal.  Learn a new career safely from home. Because, finding a job that provides for flexible hours and unlimited advancement while also paying a living wage or more has become a task no different than that of a thirsty traveler searching for a drop of water in the Sahara Desert. 

No College Degree Necessary

The jobs that allow folks to work remotely all generally require specialized training or a college degree.  In addition, most of them are already taken!

Did you know that most Europeans vacation for a month or two every year?  They also get paid during these “holidays.”  Both Finland and France provide their working citizens with 5 weeks of paid vacation time.  That does not include sick days or holidays. 

Why not live like that?  The workers in Finland and France do not work harder than you do.  In fact, they are only required a 35-hour work week.  And they get extra time off if they regularly work over 35 hours each week. 

But even in Europe, if the job cannot be done remotely, then those folks are not working there just like what we have been experiencing.  What’s to say you can’t find a job that allows for that much paid time off combined with being able to work remotely?  I know of a great one that I’m going to share with you in the next paragraph.  Back to my rant.

 How many times has your family needed you at home during these last six months?  Many of you have had the impossible mission of homeschooling your children while simultaneously showing up for a job that hasn’t even been paying you a living wage! 

Become a Tax Professional

Now could be the ideal time to become a tax professional.  You can even enter this growing and lucrative field without a college degree.  All you need is a deep desire to live the life of your choosing and a consistent willingness to work hard.  No matter what, success requires hard work.

But that doesn’t mean you must work that hard all year!  Many experienced tax preparers only work three to four months out of the year.  They earn all the money they need during those intense few months of Tax Season.  Most that I have professional relationships with earn $50,000 or more every year and literally take the rest of the year off! 

The IRS and various state tax agencies regulate the training materials issued by tax schools. They also certify all tax schools.  While you are at home and hopefully collecting unemployment, you can begin a new career comfortably from your living room. 

Free eBook Describing Two Paths for New Tax Professionals

There are more reasons to become a tax preparer than I have time to address in this short blog post.  So, we have a free eBook to share with you that explains how to work fewer than 100 days per year while still making more money than most people who work 365 days per year.  Download the eBook for free here.

As a tax professional you can ensure that you enjoy a safe work environment.  In addition, you deserve a wage that allows you to live comfortably while also enjoying a vacation or two each year.  Like all careers that pay well, hard work will be required.  We are not here to “sell you” on some bogus get rich quick scheme!

Hard Work is Required

Now, to be clear there is always a lot of reading involved.  The math involved in preparing tax returns is generally limited to basic mathematics, but our tax software handles the calculations.  It will be your job to understand how to apply the client information to the automated tax forms.  Your job also entails attempting to make sure your clients divulge all necessary information.

We tax professionals are always learning.  That’s part of what makes us so valuable.  The U.S. Tax Code is so immense that very few human beings actually comprehend the entire thing.  Most of us focus on the laws that affect the clients we regularly serve.  And most every year we have new tax laws and procedures to learn about. 

Annual Education Updates are Required

In fact, tax preparers in California are required to take an annual 20-hour update course in order to retain CTEC status

If you are interested in beginning a new career, you can visit the Pronto Income Tax School Facebook group called: The Tax Preparer Teamwork Group.  Join the Tax Preparer Teamwork Group and enjoy a professional community!

There you can communicate with working professionals to see if becoming a tax preparer is for you.  You’ll find that group members are friendly and willing to answer your questions.

Let's Make Sure We Direct You to the Right
Training for Your Needs!

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Not sure which credential applies to your situation?  Click here to reach our support team and we'll help you decide.

Let's Make Sure We Direct You to the Right
Training for Your Needs!

Please click the button below for your primary tax credential.

Not sure which credential applies to your situation?  Click here to reach our support team and we'll help you decide.