100 Fastest-Growing Tax Client Groups

If you’re serving business tax clients now, or aspiring to in the future, I’m sure you’re seeing tons of business clients suffering from this whole COVID-19 shut down situation.

Certain client groups that were very appealing for accountants because they could afford to pay premium fees for tax and accounting services–dentists and chiropractors, for example–have seen huge sales decreases and are now, in many cases, unwilling or unable to pay premium fees for tax and accounting services.

In this environment, I think it’s extremely important to look for business tax clients groups who are growing rapidly during these tumultuous times.

Now please note that I am NOT saying to abandon client groups who are currently suffering (especially if they’re your current clients).

In case you’re interested in finding out which business tax clients do have immediate and urgent and “high class problems” tax and accounting needs such as “growing too fast,” and therefore these clients do have money to pay premium fees for tax and accounting services, I wanted to share this list with you:

Click Here to See the 100 Fastest-Growing Business Tax Client Groups.

I hope that list helps, if you’re looking to see what moves YOU can make right now, to position yourself for success in this new environment.

Let’s help more clients, absolutely, but the best tax pros will NOT focus all energies right now on “saving” struggling clients, we also need to also find those clients who are doing great…and grow WITH those fast-growing companies.