New “Check My Stimulus” Tool from IRS Available Today

Today’s updates:

IRS got its “Get My Payment, Economic Impact Payment Tool” online this morning.  Clients can use this tool to input direct deposit info if none on file as of now, to get faster stimulation.  Also can “check status of stimulus payment” using this tool (no guarantee though that will actually work, since this is brand new today).

Last night, the SBA released additional “guidance” about how Schedule C clients can access these forgivable PPP loans.  Here’s a link to the guidance with my highlights of the most important parts.  Expect more info about these PPP loans on Friday’s weekly training webinar.

IRS previously said they would “bypass” the third party banks for bank product clients (if you know what I’m talking about, you know, if not just ignore this).  It now appears IRS is funding “some portion” of bank products into the third party bank’s bank account. 

 If you deal with bank product clients, you better figure out QUICK how your bank is dealing with this, because clients are going to literally be hunting us trying to get their stimulus money if they see that it has been deposited to the third party bank.

Other than that, nothing much really going on today…  🙂

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Back Up, Wait A Minute

Perhaps we should make sure we understand what’s in Stimulus Part 1 before they drop another thousand pages on our heads?

Yes please! But how? Just. So. Much. Info!!!

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Hang in there, and, oh yeah, Happy April 15th to you!