Solution for Job Insecurity?

The Good Ole’ Days

Growing up in Orange County, California, we all knew that Disneyland was a great place to get a good-paying first job, even without any previous training.  Many of my childhood friends worked at Disneyland during high school and college.  Truly I was envious.  But back then I did not need a solution for job insecurity. Jobs were plentiful.

Disney trained their employees and paid above-average hourly wages.  Plus, it’s Disneyland!  The place itself is a marvel of architecture and creativity.  Disney allowed my friends employed by them to attend free when not on duty.  Disney included guest passes with employee compensation. 

I never worked at Disneyland despite truly wanting to work there. They interviewed in groups back then.  My entire group got the boot.  I imagine the older members of the group were in need of a solution for job insecurity.

However, my friends were kind enough to get me in for free on occasion, especially when we double-dated.  They always told me stories about what it was like to walk through the extensive tunnels under the park.  Disneyland employees navigate a maze of underground tunnels to avoid being seen by guests. Those tunnels make sure guests are not distracted from the marvelous make-believe world Disneyland is. The true marvel of Disneyland is what the guests never get to see. 

Disney never hired me.  Now, due to the Coronavirus, I just saw that Disneyland is laying-off 28,000 part-time workers.  People need a solution for job insecurity.

The Solution for Job Insecurity Begins Here

I have a career path to share with you that has unlimited earning potential once you gain some experience and expertise.  This opportunity is even much better than those awesome entry-level jobs Disneyland offered in the early 1990’s.  And what’s more, you do not need a college degree! You do not even need a high school diploma. Your success is based on your efforts beginning today.

Our Current Reality

Upper middle-class Americans have been safely working from home.  Most of us survive this awful pandemic using skills learned from attending college.  With numerous businesses releasing folks from their employment, reliable employment is in high demand!

The virus has caused responsible business owners in many industries to close shop until a reasonable level of safety can be guaranteed for their customers and staff.   This career path I am about to share with you can allow you to work remotely.  Or you could be working in an office where there is no direct contact with clients or co-workers

Do you like to read?  Most Americans do not like to read the rules we citizens are expected to know.  Many find to make sense of the wording too complicated.  So, they pay large fees to professionals, to “read for them” and take the appropriate actions based on those rules and options.

Become a Professional Tax Preparer

That’s where you come in!  You can begin a new career with unlimited earning potential by becoming a professional tax preparer. 

Generally speaking everyone must pay taxes and file tax returns every year, right?  That means the tax profession will always be needed.  In fact, a large proportion of tax professionals are retiring in large numbers.  The Baby Boomers are ready to enjoy their retirement.

Everything I have discussed thus far speaks of a rare opportunity.  But there are barriers to entry as with most industries.  

No matter what, you will need training before you can begin.  I’m providing a link to a fabulous eBook written by my friend Andy Frye.  This man is a third-generation tax professional.  Andy is also licensed as an Enrolled Agent by the Internal Revenue Service.

His eBook describes how you can earn in 100 days of diligent work what most folks earn in an entire year.  Download the free eBook here.

Taking a new path can be scary.  The Pronto Tax School staff makes every effort to assist you on your new journey to a new successful career as a tax preparer.  They provide numerous tax courses to help preparers enhance their earning potential. 

Learning is always involved. As tax professionals we are always reading.  I find reading and studying at home in a comfortable environment astronomically more appealing that breaking my back working un-skilled construction work or putting miles on my own vehicle for a ride share service that does not contribute to my Social Security, Medicare, or state disability. 

Choose a Life of constant learning as your solution for job insecurity.

Choose to Prepare Taxes

This constant learning will make you extremely valuable to every American unable to self-prepare their taxes. 

Our nation’s tax code is inherently complicated.  It’s all written in legalese.  We at the Pronto Tax School convert that legalese into fun and easy-to-comprehend courses.

Currently about half of our nation’s population hire tax professionals to prepare their returns. 

Why be the person paying for tax preparation when you can be the one receiving those fees?

Once you learn how to prepare personal income taxes, the rest of the tax profession will be open to you.  You can earn a living wage in the beginning while gaining experience.  Then the only hurdles to living the lifestyle you truly seek are based on your willingness to put-in the reading.  It’s literally that simple.  We’re always learning.

You can earn an excellent living working for a tax office.  Or you can gain some experience and then start your own business.  That is the American Dream in action!

Let's Make Sure We Direct You to the Right
Training for Your Needs!

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Let's Make Sure We Direct You to the Right
Training for Your Needs!

Please click the button below for your primary tax credential.

Not sure which credential applies to your situation?  Click here to reach our support team and we'll help you decide.