Work from Home Jobs!

Understanding the rules is profitable!  Wait a minute.  I thought we were talking about jobs that can allow us to work from home?  These days the safest place to work is in our own homes until there is medication to protect us from this virus.  But wouldn’t it just be great to work from home anyway?  Why don’t you take an honest minute to consider just exactly what working from home would be like.  You roll out of bed to a pre-programmed coffee maker filling your favorite work mug full of hot java.  Then tolerate the 2-minute commute to your home-based work area, notably while still in your pajamas.  You then sit at your desk and begin working while enjoying the coffee. 

And that’s it!  You’re working and making money.  So, virus or no virus.  Why not begin down a path that leads you to a well-paying job or profitable business that allows you to work from home?  

Understanding the Rules is Profitable

But wait, what was it about how understanding the rules is profitable?  Well, the way to work from home that has the lowest cost of entry and an unlimited level of profitability is to become a tax preparer.  Yes, you read correctly.  I am suggesting you train to become a tax preparer.  The rules you will be learning are about how, when, and why we are required to pay personal income taxes. But then there are also the rules that relate to the benefits of our tax laws.

All a tax preparer does is apply the information their clients provide to the relevant tax forms utilizing extremely helpful tax software all while following the rules, federal and states’ tax laws.  Thus far technology has not rendered the tax preparer unnecessary.  Perhaps some day artificial intelligence will make numerous industries no longer necessary.  But, as of today paying taxes is part of our civic duty to our state and our country.  Am I overwhelming you?  You were looking for a job where you could work from home.  Right?

Industry Requirements

Well, all you need to be a tax preparer in California is to be a registered CTEC, have a bond, have a PTIN, an EFIN, and tax software to go along with your computer equipment and office supplies.  Think about how much you have paid folks in the past to prepare your tax returns.  How much did you pay them?  Were you in a hurry to get your refund any of those times?  You placed complete trust into those people didn’t you?  And you likely paid $400 or more for that tax preparation service.  You could be the person earning that same $400 from others rather than paying it.

Did you know that you do not need a college degree to be a tax preparer? 

A handful of states do have “registration” requirements; California, Maryland, New York, and Oregon are four that come to mind. California, for example, requires you to complete a 60-hour beginner course, obtain a tax preparer bond, pass a background check, and register with the IRS for a tax preparer identification number before you are “street legal” to do taxes for pay in the State of CA.  The state’s 60-hour basic income tax course is in accordance with the California Tax Education Council or CTEC.  So, you’ll want to check with your state about any registration or education requirements that may apply to you. Take it from me, you’ll want to cooperate with those requirements!

Free eBook Download

We offer a free electronic book that further explains how you can start your new career as a tax preparer that can be flexible, lucrative, and reliable.  The free eBook describes how to become a tax preparer. Two distinct career paths are clearly described. In addition, once you become a tax preparer you can work from home making your own hours because you understand the rules.