“Inside Contacts” at the IRS

Do you have “inside contacts” at the IRS?

“Inside contacts” meaning IRS employees you can contact directly to find out what’s really going on as opposed to going through the “usual channels” which are mostly shut down right now?

“Tax Mama”® Eva Rosenberg does have such contacts.

And she’s about to share her exclusive knowledge with all of us.

Yes that’s right, the one and only “Tax Mama”® will be leading us through the “tips and tricks” we can use to deal with the IRS during this extremely bizarre time when “normal” methods of dealing with IRS are OUT THE WINDOW.

I learned a lot myself just by looking at Eva’s slides for her presentation.  And I’m sure that even the most experienced tax pros are going to come away from today’s training with new and immediately actionable knowledge. 

For newer tax pros, your game’s about to get way stronger, fast!

This training was part of our Weekly Webinar series you can only get by being on our email list.

Originally aired on Thursday, April 23rd at 3pm EST / 12pm PST. 

IRS Ghost Town webinar graphic

IRS Ghost Town — Anybody Home?

How to Deal With the IRS When They’re Non-Responsive Via the Usual Channels

What you’ll learn on this tax training:

  1. Why IRS being AWOL is a good thing for many of your clients (how to stop paying existing installment agreements, etc.)
  2. Learn about the new and powerful rights clients have regarding IRS collections and IRS audits.
  3. How to use electronic methods to get IRS-related work done without speaking to anyone or mailing anything.

Reminder how these Weekly Webinars work: you’re ALWAYS welcome to attend the live session 100% FREE, and then if you want to upgrade your training experience, you will also get:

  • The recording
  • The presentation slides
  • 1 hour CE / CPE

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All the details are inside the course platform on how to get your hour of CE / CPE, as well as access everything.

We are very excited to bring this crucial training to our fellow tax pros to make your life easier, more profitable, and more fun.