Basic Tax Training

Basic tax training is incredibly important.  Just as you want to build a house on a solid foundation, you want to build your tax knowledge on a solid foundation.  Tax rules and regulations are always changing and those of us who take the time to master the fundamentals find it much easier to “roll with the punches” as new tax changes constantly unfold.

At Pronto Tax School, we have an established track record of delivering some of the best basic tax training on the market since 2011.

Train Your New Hires

Veteran tax professionals and tax business owners often send their new people through our basic training programs in recognition of the solid foundation we help you build.  We have assisted over 3,000 people in becoming tax professionals through our online basic income tax courses.

Why Pronto Tax School’s Basic Tax Training?

Our basic tax training programs are unique for three main reasons:

  1. Our programs are developed by highly experienced tax professionals who work actively in the field, led by Pronto Tax School Founder & CEO Andy Frye, a third generation tax business owner who’s personally prepared over 10,000 tax returns.  We encourage you to compare our real-life experience with your other options when choosing a basic tax training program.
  2. Our basic tax training programs are designed to be not incredibly boring, in fact we try to provide some entertainment value to keep you from falling asleep as you learn.
  3. We include multiple formats to deliver your basic tax training, including PDF textbook chapters, interactive review questions that check up on your learning as you go, exams that make you think, and extensive video training including detailed walk-throughs of practice tax returns.  We try to address all learning styles to make our training accessible and relevant to all Members.

Best Basic Income Tax Courses to Consider

Our most popular basic tax training courses include:

Zero Risk

We always provide a no-hassle 14-day money-back guarantee on all of our basic tax training products so that you can buy and try with zero risk.

Ask Us Any Questions

If you have questions which training program is right for you, or you just want to talk to a fellow tax professional while evaluating your options, please don’t hesitate to click here to send an email to our customer support team or reach us by phone 310-422-1283 (text message is OK too on this number). 

We help tax professionals from Basic to Intermediate to Advanced levels and everything in between.  We are real people and we are happy to connect with you anytime and help you the best ways we can based on our hard-earned experience and expertise.

Schedule A Free Tax Career Consultation

You can even schedule a free phone consultation with Pronto Tax School Director of Member Success Glen Wielandt by clicking here to schedule your call.

Free Tax Resources

We also provide free tax updates for tax preparers through our free tax updates email list.

And we provide free support and community with other tax professionals in our free Facebook Group, Tax Preparer Teamwork.

Everything we do is designed to make your life as a tax professional easier and more profitable.

Thank you for visiting this page and you can click here to view our comprehensive library of online tax courses.

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