Tax Prep Great Experience for Accounting Students

Get Hands-On Experience

Many of us are either not working, or we are lucky enough to be working from home during this pandemic.  Many universities are only offering online courses just as most businesses are shut down .  A lot of parents and college students do not believe that method of education equal to in-person course teaching.  People do not appreciate paying the same tuition and fees for online courses as they did in-person learning.  Some hands-on experience is a great solution for this newfound idle time.

Now is an ideal time to gain that hands-on experience! Wouldn’t some tax preparation experience go a long way with finding that first big job out of college? The answer is an emphatic “Yes.” Get hands-on experience now.

Many Are Taking a Break from College

A large portion of college students have decided to take a break from college until this pandemic is under control enough that they can safely return to school. Rather than wasting this time, accounting students should train to work as tax preparers.  It’s great experience for accounting students, and that experience will lead to future career positions. Take proper advantage of this time off from school.

Tax Preparation Experience

You can work as a Professional Tax Preparer while earning your bachelor’s degree in accounting.  Earn valuable hands-on tax preparation experience after a relatively short 60-Hour Introduction to Individual Income Tax Preparation.  Get ahead of your competition!

Why wait until your first year out of college to face preparing tax returns?  This Corona Virus has created an ideal opportunity for students patiently awaiting in-person education to get some real accounting industry work experience. The competition isn’t taking a break from training. So why should you?

Make Extra Cash and Earn Valuable Experience

You must meet some requirements to work as tax preparer, even for just one season.  You will need to take a course on personal income tax preparation focused on our Federal Laws.  Then, if your state of residence and work has an income tax, you will need to learn those laws too.  Ethics require that all tax preparers be professionally competent.

California Has Minimum Tax Education Requirements

California tax preparers are required to take a 60-Hour Introduction to Personal Income Tax Preparation Online CourseCTEC stands for California Tax Education Council.  They set the minimum education requirements each year for California Registered Tax Preparers.  California Lawyers, CPA’s, and Enrolled Agents do not need to abide by CTEC rules as their standards of practice already exceed that expected of a California Registered Tax Preparer, or CTEC.  Every state has its own tax laws to be considered. You can even volunteer to help folks who can’t afford professional tax preparation services.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

The Internal Revenue Service outreach program called VITA is for you If you are pure of heart and seek to prepare tax returns for the general public as a volunteer. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) grant program is an IRS initiative designed to support free tax preparation service for the underserved or poor through various partner organizations.  

Earn College or University Credits by Helping

Most colleges and universities provide class credit for serving as a tax preparer for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistant program.  The training materials for those who volunteer to prepare taxes is located in IRS Publication 4491.  This is a great resume builder for future CPA’s and CFO’s!

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