Advanced Tax Professionals

Free training for advanced tax professionals?

We got you covered in that department!

Here are just a few of the free training resources we provide for more advanced tax professionals like you:

Some tax professionals mistakenly assume that just because we’re called “Pronto” and we like to have fun that we aren’t dead serious about constantly advancing our tax knowledge and helping our fellow tax professionals do the same.  You know what they say about assumptions and let’s remember that you can’t judge a book by its cover!

Advanced Tax Training By CPAs, EAs, Attorneys, and Tax Veterans

We offer some of the most advanced tax training in the industry and that’s why we are respected by, and work directly with, numerous top-rated CPAs, EAs, tax attorneys, and veteran tax business owners.

One thing that makes our advanced tax training different from many other education providers is that we are 100% dedicated to showing you how a particular piece of knowledge can directly benefit you and your clients.  Rather than just sharing “knowledge for knowledge’s sake,” we strive to show you exactly how you can apply your advanced tax knowledge to increase your service level for clients, which naturally increases your own earning power as you differentiate your service from the competitors.

Schedule a Free Strategy Call

For more advanced tax professionals like you, your needs may be quite customized and even sensitive in nature.  In that case, it may be helpful for you to obtain a free, private consultation with our Pronto Tax School Director of Member Success, Glen Wielandt.  Glen is a 39-year veteran of the tax business who has worked with all the big players in the industry and has extensive connections and knowledge to share with you; he loves to talk to more advanced people and help you reach your goals to try to help you solve any problems you may be facing.

Please feel free to click here to schedule your call with Glen.

You can also click here to send an email to our customer support team or reach us by phone 310-422-1283 (text message is OK too on this number).

Why We Help Advanced Tax Professionals

One of the main reasons why we started Pronto Tax School is because Founder & CEO Andy Frye felt that he reached a “glass ceiling” in his own career and couldn’t seem to find enough training and support resources that truly helped him advance his career as an independent tax professional and tax business entrepreneur.  So, we built our own platform to meet the needs of independent tax pros who aren’t satisfied with “good enough” and seek instead a form of greatness.

Thank you for visiting this page and you can click here to view our comprehensive library of online tax courses.

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