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Would You Like to Work Safely from Home?

Has the Coronavirus affected your normal employment? Begin a new career where your success is only limited to how hard you work. Become a tax preparer and work safely from home. Download the free eBook about becoming a tax preparer.

Step 1 of The Pronto Path: Initiation

Every journey starts with the first step, and that step in the tax preparation business is becoming credentialed. In this episode, we walk you through getting educated, registered, and the various directions you could head in the Initiation step of The Pronto Path.

Should I Get My Tax License and Prepare Taxes for Money?

if you are looking to find a job that has the potential to make you a lot of money quickly, tax preparation may be the career for you. Tax preparers make good money, if they can find the clients, and last time we checked people are still pretty confused about the tax code. Ergo, they are gonna need help far into the future. So yes, you should get your tax license right away with Pronto Tax Class! And here is why.