Really, Deeply Bored

Five years ago, I was bored with my job as a tax preparer / tax consultant.Β 

I felt like I had “figured out” 1040 tax preparation and once I figure something out, I start losing interest.  Nevermind for a moment that my belief I had figured it out was a false belief.  Let’s just put that aside for a moment, OK?  πŸ™‚

That boredom is a main reason I decided to focus most of my personal career efforts on building out the Pronto Tax School Learning Network.  

I’m mentioning this because as we all move towards completing this “never-ending tax season,” we’re hearing from so many tax pros who are flat-out bored with their work.  So very, very bored.

Yes we also hear from so many tax pros who still find daily joy in “solving the puzzle” of tax returns and helping clients. 

But I think we all can agree at this point that we’ve got a lot of boredom and unhappiness happening in the tax & accounting profession.

If you find yourself falling into the trap of being bored and unhappy (I do too, you’re not alone), here are a few quick tips that may help us find that joy again:

  1. Gratitude.  Things could always be a lot worse–right?  In particular, I find that focusing on being grateful for our best client relationships creates a feeling of joy.  Isn’t it amazing that people trust us and need us as much as they do???
  2. Do something different after October 17th, but be careful of “jumping ship.”  There are MANY options for something you can do differently to change your career reality without necessarily quitting the tax business.  As all of us know who’ve tried it, other businesses and careers have their own challenges.  What “tweaks” can you make to your business and career to make sure you’re not bored and unhappy after 10/17?  If you decide to quit the business, that’s OK too, but just realize that’s NOT the only option for creating change.
  3. Take CE / CPE courses that are not so boring you actually feel physically ill while you are completing them.  This was me before Pronto Tax School.  I’d complete my CE on the very last day (of course) and the courses were (no offense intended) so boring that I would literally feel sick to my stomach.

If you’re ready for CE / CPE courses that are not boring beyond belief, we have you covered, Andy.

Pronto Tax School is kinda like “Green Eggs & Ham” from Dr. Suess: most people think we’re weird and gross…until you try it…then you become a fan.  

(We know everyone won’t love us, though, and that’s why we offer a 14 day money back guarantee so that people can press the “eject button” if it’s not the right fit for you, and there is never any hard feelings if that’s the case.) 

For existing Pronto Members, hopefully you know you can log into your Pronto Tax School account anytime and access your CE / CPE update & refresher courses at any time.

For “not yet” Pronto Tax School Members, here are the specific links for each credential, so that you can give us a try and put us to the test:

  • For California CTEC tax preparers, your course package is here.
  • For tax preparers not in California who want to earn your IRS Annual Filing Season (AFSP) credential for 2023, your course package is here (and yes this package does include the AFTR test required by IRS).
  • For Enrolled Agents, your course package is here
  • For CPAs, your courses package is here

If you have questions about how Pronto can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach our support team.

Meanwhile, hope this helps, and let’s KEEP HOPE ALIVE!