CTEC 2022: Deadline Beaters Unite

CTEC Renewal Deadline

Are you like us?

Meaning that beating deadlines is like a sport to you?

That rush of adrenaline to complete something right before the deadline, it’s like hitting a last second shot in basketball…coming up clutch to get the W.

Speaking of deadlines, that CTEC October 31 deadline will be here SOON and bringing that pesky $55 late fee along with it…

The Pronto Tax School 20 Hour CTEC Course is a little different than most because we don’t “punish” procrastinators–we reward deadline beaters who come up clutch!

All aspects of the Pronto Tax School CTEC 20 Hour Course are designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Plus, we like to have a little fun along the way, if that’s OK with you.

Will you accept our invitation, to join the CTEC Deadline Party: 2022 Edition?

Any questions for us?

Click here to view our CTEC 20 Hour Renewal Course Package and beat the CTEC deadline in style.
We are ready to report your CTEC hours immediately upon your completion of your 20 Hour CTEC course.

Deadline Beaters, we got you covered, we do not judge you because we are you! 🙂