IRS Hiring New Agents?

All of a sudden it looks like Congress may suddenly enact a bunch of new tax changes, in addition to all the changes that have already happened for tax year 2022.

The new bill is called “The Inflation Protection Act” and I should emphasize for clarity that this bill has NOT passed, only might pass.

The major item I see thus far in this PROPOSED legislation is an additional $80 billion in IRS funding, which according to early reports will result in the hiring of an additional 80,000 IRS employees.

Doubling the number of IRS employees, in fact.

Heads up then, and definitely something to keep an eye on.

We’ve gotten a few questions about why we now only offer our best-selling tax update & refresher courses as part of our Membership Programs, and we no longer offer “one-time” purchase options for our update & refresher courses.

The primary reason for this change in our course offerings is because Congress continues to make HUGE changes during the year, every single year, and we therefore update our update courses three times per year, every single year:

  1. July for the Version 1
  2. September for Version 2, and then
  3. January of next year for the Version 3 with all the last minute changes you need to know heading into tax season.

Our membership model allows our Members to get access to all three updates for one low price so that you’re not stuck viewing outdated materials, and you don’t have to pay for multiple update seminars throughout the year, because you already get all the updates, including the right before tax season updates, always included.

All Membership levels receive the update & refresher courses included and we have Memberships for all major tax credentials, including CTEC, AFSP, EA, and CPA.

We’ll also have some robust discussion at the upcoming Knowledge Share Extravaganza live event around if, why, and how to adjust your pricing for different client groups based on the likelihood of increased IRS enforcement.