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16 – Strong Marriage, Strong Tax Career with Kathleen Freiburghouse

How do you build a strong marriage while building a strong tax career? Kathleen Freiburghouse brings her wisdom, joy, and humor as she shares timeless lessons that professionals can take to heart in their pursuit of success and happiness.

In addition to her other life accomplishments — teaching school for 38 years, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Education, being a Catholic nun for 8 years — Kathleen Freiburghouse has been married to a tax business owner for more than 40 years. After four decades of grueling tax seasons, Kathleen and her husband Kent still have one of the most admired and vibrant marriages around.

In this episode, Kathleen shares her hard-earned wisdom and unique views on exactly how.

Resources Mentioned:

[47:33] How developing empathy in marriage overflows into treating your employees better (Listen to Episode 5 for more insights on employee relationships)

[54:30] Jeff shares how many days The ONE Thing by Gary Keller (book) says it takes to form a habit


[06:57] “That’s true love. Beautiful love. To say that your spouse’s joy matters so much to you.” Kathleen Freiburghouse

[16:30] “I don’t want to be looking across the table at somebody in April and have created habits that have nothing to do with intimacy and the ease of marriage.” Kathleen Freiburghouse

[21:03] “Know what your shared treasure is.” Kathleen Freiburghouse

[25:51] “Many people in this generation think they need more money for their pleasures than they do.” Kathleen Freiburghouse

[42:30] “You don’t really master marriage. You learn intimacy. You learn empathy. You master a career.” Kathleen Freiburghouse

Kathleen Freiburghouse
Teacher, Counselor, Spouse, Mom
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  1. So… what is the release date for Kathy’s podcast? LOVED her! More Kathy! More Kathy! She has the perfect combination of Jesus, wit, motherliness. One-liners only rivaled by Sophia Petrillo from the Golden Girls. Thanks so much for sharing Kathy with me.

16 – Strong Marriage, Strong Tax Career with Kathleen Freiburghouse