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15 – Legitimize Your Hustle with Teowonna Clifton

The Schedule C Queen, Teowonna Clifton, of Simply Taxes of South Carolina, LLC, is establishing her independent tax preparation business in the Columbia local market while focusing on helping entrepreneurs legitimize their side hustles. Join us in this episode of Tax Pro Nation as we listen to her stories and challenges as she grows her tax business through the Elevation Step and beyond.

Resources Mentioned:

[01:15] Chauncey Hutter, Jr. Success Summit in Orlando, FL

[03:38] How Simply Taxes of South Carolina got its start in an unconventional location

[08:27] Teowonna’s journey to the Elevation Step on The Pronto Path

[16:04] Ways to expand her services during her Stabilization Step

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15 – Legitimize Your Hustle with Teowonna Clifton