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New podcast! Hosted by Jeff Dolan and Andy Frye, Tax Pro Nation is the show for independent tax professionals, airing every Monday.

5 – Step 5 of The Pronto Path: Acceleration

The fifth step on The Pronto Path is Acceleration. In this episode, we walk through earning a profit that makes a meaningful positive impact for your personal freedom and lifestyle. This step sees people either succeeding or watching the wheels start to come off.

In this series, we are walking through the 9 steps of The Pronto Path. The Pronto Path is a career roadmap or framework to remove fear and doubt from the tax profession. If you’re wondering how to get from where you are right now to where you want to be as an independent tax professional, this show is for you!


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  • [26:04] “By taking care of your employees and understanding them the most, you’re automatically taking care of your clients.” —Jeff Dolan


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Jeff Dolan & Andy Frye
Jeff Dolan and Andy Frye are your hosts for Season 1 of Tax Pro Nation.
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5 – Step 5 of The Pronto Path: Acceleration