CTEC Final Deadline WARNING

Missed the CTEC Deadline

CTEC has added new, costly, and time-consuming requirements for CTEC tax preparers who missed the January 17 final deadline for CTEC renewal.  

Those who did not renew by the January 17th deadline will have to:

  • Take the 60 hour CTEC course all over again
  • Get fingerprinted and go through a background check (can take weeks or MONTHS and costs $$$, messing up your tax season big time) 
  • Register as a new tax preparer

This tax season is going to be challenging enough.  Don’t make it worse by starting the year with a CTEC expiration nightmare!

But hey, don’t worry, Pronto Tax School has your back. Things happen, life gets busy, so you know what you gotta do now, so let’s do it.

You still have time to take the 60 Hour CTEC course online before this tax season. You can take the 60 Hour course without having to be a Pronto Tax School Member. However, if you are not a current member with us, and you are interested in becoming a member, check out our plans and pricing and you will have your own support team to help you catch up before this tax season.

You can still get it all done with Pronto Tax School. We are more than just courses, we provide our members with Q&A sessions with the best tax pros in the businesses weekly. We keep you up to date with all the latest tax changes by email or by special webinars. We don’t just run the Pronto Tax School, we are tax professional ourselves and know what you need to do the best job you can for your clients.

Recuerde, el curso también está disponible en español, traducido por Jesus Rivera.  Si necesita el curso en español, por favor envíe un email a support@prontotaxschool.com–está incluido gratis en su curso ingles aqui.