AirBnB Taxes – Doing It Wrong?

    We are seeing a drastic increase in the number of tax clients who are playing the Short-Term Rental Game.  

    AirBnB, VRBO, etc. 

    Are you also seeing a drastic increase in short-term rentals among your clients, Colleen? 

    Until recently, I thought I knew how to determine whether or not to report short-term rental property income and expenses on Schedule C or Schedule E. 

    I now believe I was something like this guy, a.k.a. “Doing It Wrong,” a.k.a. “Strong Neck McGee.” 

    Here are my adjusted and current beliefs: 

    Do we put short-term rental activity on Schedule E or Schedule C?

    –Default remains Schedule E, even if short-term rental.
    –Schedule C if taxpayer provides “substantial services.” 

    Subject to Passive Activity Loss Limitations (Form 8582)?
    — Default yes.– Not if on Schedule C.
    — Possibly not if on Schedule E, neither, if meet “Material Participation” test(s).

    If preparing tax returns with short-term rentals in the most advantageous way for your clients–while also protecting your clients (and yourself!) from IRS audits and other unpleasantries–is a priority for you, 

    We’re doing a fairly deep dive on today’s webinar on short-term rental tax issues, so that tax pros head into tax season with increased confidence on this increasingly crucial issue. 

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