Tax Season Progress Report

Latest IRS Tax Stats

Couple quick “Tax Season Progress Report” numbers for you from the most recent available IRS statistics report, which covers up to March 10, 2023:

  1. Number of e-files processed by tax pros up by 3.1% versus last tax season.
  2. Number of e-files processed by self-preparers (a.k.a. DIY Software) down by 2.5% versus last tax season.

Some people said that since this tax season is not as insane as last tax season (no advances, fewer PPP issues, etc…), many clients would ditch their tax professionals and go with DIY software solutions.

Some people were, as always…wrong 🙂 

Instead, the trend is going the other way–tax pros steadily winning–savvy tax pros continue to take clients from DIY Software right and left.

Less than one month until April 18 deadline, and I’m voting for:

Let’s continue winning and get your bank account balance STACKED UP!!!

Reminders if you need help on tricky tax returns down the stretch here, because teamwork often does make the dream work:

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  1. The Business Tax Brain Trust Group, a private group that’s specially designed to help with more advanced corporation, partnership, and LLC issues.  
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  3. Directly contact the Pronto Leadership Team (including me) for private, personalized help if and when you need it.  

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Here’s a comparison chart showing which support resources you get in a Forever Edition Membership versus which support resources you get in the Dream Team:

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