IRS Security Alerts and Tips for Tax Professionals

Tax Pro Security for Clients

What is an IRS Security Alert?

The IRS publishes security alerts for tax professionals and the public, as well as tips to help protect your clients data. You may have heard the term “security alert” and wondered what it means. A security alert is issued when the IRS discovers a new type of fraud or scam that can affect taxpayers and tax professionals.

A security alert is an important tool for you as a tax professional because it can help you protect yourself, your clients, and even the IRS itself from harm through identity theft or other scams.

If you would like to learn more about how the IRS can help you protect your clients, visit It provides more detailed information about IRS security alerts and more resources about safeguarding taxpayer data.

The IRS uses security alerts to inform tax professionals of potential identity theft risks and other threats to their customers’ sensitive information. The most recent IRS Security Alerts include:

The IRS is a trusted source of information and guidance on tax issues. We hope that you find our Security Alerts useful as well. To keep with the latest news on IRS Security visit Twitter to follow them.

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