Professional Tax Software

$1,000.00 $499.00

Pronto Tax Professional Tax Software


Are you sick of paying for expensive tax software that has all kinds of hidden fees and the support is terrible?

We have our own software now, the price is affordable for any tax professional, and the support is excellent.

Built on the time-tested, widely-respected CrossLink platform and optimized for the needs of Pronto Tax School Members, this affordable tax software is ideal for new tax preparers and experienced tax preparers looking for great tax software at the best price.

Highlights include:

  • Paperless office technologies up the wazoo (document archiving, digital signatures so that your clients can even sign by cell phone, etc.)
  • 24/7 tech support during peak tax season, the best support in the industry
  • You get tax software programs not only for 2017 but all the way back to 2002–that’s 17 years of tax software programs included with this year’s low price.

What’s the catch, right?

Two catches.

  1. This is an exclusive tax software deal only for Pronto Tax School Members.  You must be enrolled in at least one of our online tax courses in order to qualify for this deal.
  2. We have a limited number of licenses at this price, and we sell out every year.

Every year there are some people who “take a look” and don’t take action and then they come back and we are sold out and then they have to go pay double somewhere else, or they end up with some super-cheap tax software where they charge you for every e-file you send.

Download your free demo now —> Download Demo Here

Watch videos of the software in action —> Videos of Software in Action

Get answers to the most common software questions —> Tax Software FAQ

Be advised that we buy this software in bulk from our supplier in order to get this crazy deal.  For this reason, there are no refunds on software.  If you have questions before purchase, please let us know ahead of time, and let’s make sure this incredible deal is the best fit for you.