Why Choose Pronto Tax Class

Why Choose Pronto Tax Class?

Why choose Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. as your CTEC-Approved Qualifying Education Provider?

Why not go with a “bigger name”?

Well, we may not be the biggest company in the tax preparation industry, but we have been in the tax business for 45+ years, so if there’s one thing we know, it’s how to get paid to do taxes.

We are a third-generation family business. Generation after generation, we continue to get paid to help people with their taxes. Here’s Tim’s new son, Jordan, he might work in the tax business someday, too:

Baby Knows How to Do Taxes

The tax preparation industry has supported our family for the last five decades, and now we are ready to teach other people how to enchance their family finances through doing taxes for pay. Jordan actually filled out his first 1040EZ last week, collecting $10 for his troubles.

As a family business, we treat our clients like family and now we are extending that attitude to our Pronto Tax Class Students. Connect with us on Facebook and you will see what our Students are saying about us and the things we are doing to help them succeed; we are not a faceless corporation, we are ready to engage with our Pronto Tax Class Students at a personal level.

In conclusion, that’s one reason why to choose Pronto Tax Class: because even our babies know how to do taxes!


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