Why are so many tax preparers old?

By: Jamie Waggoner

Now I know we caught your attention with this blog post title! ?

But don’t be offended, being “of a certain age” is actually a major benefit in the tax business, and in fact this is one profession where society still has a proper respect for seniors.

Read this blog post to discover a few reasons why senior citizens are some of the top tax preparers in the world!

Sweat and tears

It takes time to get good at being a tax preparer.

With becoming a tax preparer comes patience because of the time and effort put in to become successful.

No one comes out of getting certified and is automatically amazing at tax preparation.

It also takes time to get into the swing of things when first starting out being a tax preparer, it can be stressful figuring it all out the first couple of years—you

need to be patient and stick with it.


With the time that they have spent perfecting how they do their tax preparation comes their wisdom they have gained.

They have now began making a good chunk of change because they are experienced in this field of work.

Why would someone quit a job that they finally were getting the highest-level pay and they have enjoyment and pride of craftsmanship in their job?

It’s hard to quit just when you started making the good coin and your “swag factor” from your immense knowledge is impressing people daily.

Clients rely on them

Another reason you find that tax preparers are so old is because they never quit.

Their clients depend on them so much that quitting could make their clients heads explode with how much panic that would be going through their mind.

Clients would most likely beg you to no end to not quit if they even get a hunch you might be retiring.

It’s like you can’t get out!

But take is a compliment because it means people love your service.

Good job to have if you have grandchildren

This job is also great when you have grandkids because you make a good amount of money during tax season, then have a break to do vacation or see family.

Other jobs wouldn’t have this type of leeway for someone who had grandkids.

So, next time you wonder why your tax preparer is so experienced in life, remember these reasons given here. 

Tax preparer can be a great job if they have grandkids, you like to be needed and respected, you like making good money once you’re highly skilled, and

you’re prepared to be patient as you master your craft. 

About the writer: 

Jamie Waggoner is a Communication Major at University of North Carolina-Wilmington (UNCW).  Jamie’s favorite course at the moment is Integrated Marketing, which shows how smart companies use storytelling and word-of-mouth to develop authentic and compelling relationships with their customers and the general public.  Jamie did not realize when she accepted an internship at Pronto Tax School that she would become a tax expert, but hey, life is full of surprises and that’s a good thing.