What Next Tax Pros? Grow Your Business

Tax season is over, and you might be asking yourself, what next?

Some of you might be thinking of retiring and selling your business, or getting out of the business because you have not seen enough client growth. Maybe you are thinking about how to make your business grow. Making any of these decisions is something really difficult to consider. Whatever decision you are making, find someone that you trust or can help you talk about your details and potential consequences of these ideas.

If you are thinking about retiring, you might realize you still have one more year to go before you can retire. If you’re deciding to quit, what are the reasons for you quitting? Did you realize you didn’t like dealing with taxes, the clients or running and managing your own business? Maybe you felt there was not enough momentum in your business growth.

All of these thoughts and ideas are fairly normal for post tax deadline season. Right now is a great time to take a break or family vacation. When you come back refreshed, let’s think about your business and your options. You don’t have to think about them by yourself, and you do have access to excellent, highly trained, skilled people to help you through your decisions.

Here are few ways Pronto Tax School can help you in your post tax season with your business growth.

  • Weekly Member Webinars – Mastery Mondays, Glen’s Guidance Wednesday or Andrea’s Answers Thursday. Taxes still continue after April with extensions and other deadlines. Pronto is your support team all year round. Members can register for any of the webinars they like during the week. Every week we send out an email with the topics for all the webinars that week, so you have time to plan to join us.
  • Start and Grow Your Tax Business 6 Week Course – Dream Team Members with a new business can take a 5 week online program with a graduation in the 6th week. Teaching you what you need to know to get your business off the ground.
  • Private Career Planning Session with Customized Advice – Have you had your business for awhile now? Then maybe discussing where you are and where you could go is your next step with Glen Wielandt who has 40 years experience in the tax industry. You will have personalized suggestions and support.
  • Assistance in Recruiting New Team Members – Want to hire people but not sure where to begin? Pronto Tax School has access to over 20,000 tax pros. We can help you find candidates to help you grow your business.

Pronto Tax School offers so much more than just your continuing education course requirements. We are here all year to help you you take care of your business and grow your business when you are ready. When you sign up for Pronto Tax School membership, you are getting more than courses, you are getting business support from people who are experts in your industry. Check out our memberships and see how we can help you take advantage of the slower tax season.