What do Business Owners Look for in a Tax Preparer?

By Jamie Waggoner

When it comes to small business owners they are very particular on who they trust.

Often their business is like their baby; it means the world to them and they don’t want just anyone touching it.

Three specific requirements business owners typically look for in a tax preparer are:

Answering Questions

When a business owner comes into your office, be prepared for a ton of questions.

These days, they have probably researched a lot about taxes online and are prepared to ask you whatever is on their mind.

They want to feel like you’re informed and up to date.

Back up policy

Another question that’s bound to come from a business owner is what the tax preparer’s back up policy is.

They want to know if the tax preparer will fix their taxes for free if there is an error, or they may want to know what your policy is if they get audited.

Business owners, much more than regular taxpayers, are concerned about having back up if and when they need it.


One of the most important qualities a business owner looks for in a tax preparer is transparency.

honest tax preparers are the best tax preparers

Meaning you as a tax preparer needs to be upfront with the client, no beating around the bush and no surprises, especially when it comes to your fees.

Business owners hate unexpected costs so it is vital to be honest and clear up front.


Give Them What They Want

These are a few major keys to remember when you have a new business owner walking into your office or contacting you.

It is nice to know a few things they will be looking for before they give you their taxes.

tax preparer checklist

This way you can give them exactly what they’re looking for.

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Good luck out there!

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