What Can a Tax Preparer Do to Make Money In the Off Season?

What Can a Tax Preparer Do to Make Money In the Off Season?

By Tim Frye

Making money doing taxes in the off season can be challenging to say the least.  If you did make any money during the season, you are probably pretty exhausted from all of those laborious hours under the gun.   The question is what to do now. 

In this article, I will shoot a few ideas at you in terms of ideas for off season money making opportunities for tax preparers. 


Realize that Tax Preparation Is No Longer Strictly Seasonal

With the current fragile and still lingering state of the economy, the tax preparation business is more scattered than ever.  People that would have usually filed on time have been thrown out of whack and are now pouring into tax offices year round to try to catch up on their taxes. 

If you are disciplined enough to continue to fulfill consistent hours at the tax office year round, you can most likely look forward seeing some tax prep work head your way. 

Remember to note, even if you are just available through on-line, phone, or email mediums, this may be enough to pick up those off season floaters who are looking for someone to help them file back taxes. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that often the people who need to file back taxes will need to do it in groups of years, which can increase your fee per client.  This will make it more worth your time to assist your client. 

Business Owners Need Tax Assistance Year Round

For the average wage earner, dealing with taxes is a once per year tradition.  For business owners, however, tax obligations require more round-the-clock up keep.  There are estimated tax payments that must be made, there is usually bookkeeping that must be done and done accurately, and there may be payroll, sales tax, city tax, along with tax planning, etc.  So those preparers available and aware of these businesses year round needs will be richer for their troubles.  Intertwining your personal clientele with business clientele is a great way to keep yourself busy year round as a tax preparer, and you can make good money in the off season helping these businesses fulfill tedious IRS requirements. 

To be able to work with business owners effectively, you must advance your tax knowledge beyond that of an average tax preparer.  You may want to look at becoming an enrolled agent, or becoming a QuickBooks certified pro advisor. 

Add a Complementary Service

If you want to grow and evolve as a tax preparer, you should be adding new services to your repertoire as much as you can.  So depending on your areas of expertise and your drive to expand your abilities, you can look into adding services such a real estate sales, immigration assistance, or insurance services. 

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