What are the Continuing Education Requirements to be a Tax Preparer After You Pass the 60 Hour Course?

By Tim Frye

The fabric of life is all about accomplishments and failures.  The peaks and the valleys.  Success lies in accomplishments backed by further feats that solidify the course and grease the engines of the original accomplishment.  So you may have gotten your tax license, and are sitting there itching to get to tax season and stack some serious paper.  Slow down young buck, there are still other things that need to be figured out before you start slapping that keyboard and billing your buddies.  If you have a tax license, and a PTIN for that matter, there are a required twenty hours of continuing education that must be completed in order for you to forge on to next tax season.  The course is governed by CTEC,  the body that certifies your continuing education hours and renews your PTIN so your ready to roll come tax time.  Let’s take a peak at the varying aspects and features of tax preparer continuing education requirements. 

How Do I Complete My Continuing Education Hours for CTEC?

The IRS and CTEC are growing encouragingly scrutinous when it comes to vetting and certifying tax preparers.  Gone are the days in which you could prepare taxes for money with just a tax license and no other requirements.  Tax preparers are now obligated to complete 20 hours of continuing education in order to validate their PTIN for tax preparation going into the following tax season.  Pronto Tax Class offers an AMAZING 20 HOUR CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSE AT RENEWCTEC.COM.  The course is written by an Enrolled Agent, Kent Frye, the CEO of Pronto Income Tax, who just happens to have over fifty years of experience in the field of tax preparation.  It is written in a simplistic, concise, and informative manner.  So what are you waiting for!  Go to renewctec.com and click BUY NOW to get ahead of the rest of your fellow tax preparers!

When is the Deadline for Renewing my PTIN with CTEC?

The deadline for completing your continuing education hours for CTEC is October 15th.  So if you do not complete your hours and certify yourself with CTEC by then, you can still complete the course by the last day of the tax year, but you will pay an additional $65 after the aforementioned deadline.  It is that simple.  The earlier you complete these hours, the better.  This will allow you to focus on new marketing strategies  for the upcoming tax season.  And will take a weight off your shoulder and vacate your worries about missing the deadline.  Go to prontotaxschoo.com and take the best continuing education course for tax preparers now!  You will not regret it!

How Hard is the Course for Renewing My CTEC Hours to Keep My PTIN?

Renewing your PTIN with CTEC is relatively simple if you do it in a timely manner.  The course is five chapters, takes only 20 hours to complete, and is open book and online.  The course material is a mix of IRS and California subjects that have to do with the latest updates and changes to the tax code relative to the upcoming tax year.  Well, what is the delay?  Click HERE to renew your PTIN with Pronto Tax Class!