User Error Hours Problem Reporting Resolution

If you don’t provide your CTEC ID number or correct PTIN, we will have additional work to do to contact you and get the problem resolved, to make sure your hours are reported on time and in full. 

Last year alone we had over 150 Members who provided us incorrect PTINs, and we spent over 30 hours contacting individual Members to resolve the issues.

With the Value package, you’re protected from any extra charges–even if you give us the wrong info!

Remember when providing your information that the IRS system for reporting hours is extremely strict and your name must match up exactly with their records.  For example, if you have two last names on your IRS PTIN record, please use two last names when signing up for the Renew CTEC course.  Also, please make sure you provide us with your current email address, so that if there are any problems reporting your IRS hours we will be able to contact you by email to resolve.