Top 5 Reasons Your CTEC Renewal Didn’t Go Through

Well, today’s the day: the deadline for on-time CTEC registration renewal.  Oh, and it’s Halloween too.  But more importantly for our purposes, it’s the deadline for on-time CTEC registration renewal.

We will have five–count’em, five–Pronto Tax School Team Members working today to make sure that everyone gets their hours reported on time and in full.  We are reporting hours every three hours so if you just finished your 20 hour CTEC course please wait three hours and then go to to try your renewal.  Our goal this year, as every year, is a 100% reporting percentage all the way up to midnight tonight so that we come up clutch for all you Last Minute Gangstas.

Keep in mind though that we can only do what we can do.  YOU also have to do things to make sure your CTEC renewal goes through before the deadline so that you can avoid this $55 late fee; we are a TEAM with you and you’re a crucial part of that team.  So, with that in mind, here are 5 pitfalls you should avoid so that your CTEC renewal process is a winner.

1. You Didn’t Register at

This is the most common reason for CTEC expiration: someone completes the course, and we report the hours, but then the tax professional doesn’t actually go to and renew their registration.  They think that completing the course is all they need to do.  You must both complete the course and go to and renew before midnight tonight in order to have a valid renewal.

2. You Gave Us a Wrong CTEC ID Number

When you sign up for your course, you provide us with your CTEC ID number.  It starts with an “A.”  If you give us a wrong CTEC ID, for instance many people put their PTIN in that box, it will mess up your CTEC hours reporting. 

Our fearless CTEC hours reported, Imelda, will then send you an email requesting your correct CTEC ID.  But maybe you don’t check your email that regularly when it’s not tax season or whatever the case may be. 

Make sure you give us the right CTEC ID number to ensure a smooth process; if you’re concerned you may have put in a wrong CTEC ID Number, please email teacher AT to make sure we have the right one.

3. Your Hours Weren’t at, And You Called Our Hotline and Left a Voicemail, But You Didn’t Email Us Your CTEC ID Number and Full Name

As you might imagine, our phone lines get crazy as the deadline approaches.  We do our best to get every call and return every voicemail message but we are only human. 

If you’re freaking out about last minute CTEC hours reporting issue, emailing teacher AT is far, far better than leaving a voicemail message.  Include your CTEC ID Number and Full Name in your email.

You can feel free to leave a voicemail, too, but please also send an email so that we can make sure we take care of you!

4. You Have an Expired Tax Preparer Bond and Didn’t Have Time to Get a New One

CTEC requires a current tax preparer bond as a condition of renewal.  If your tax preparer bond is expired, you’ll need to get a new one.  We send our people to Mark and his team at State Farm for our tax preparer bonds because they give our Members a great deal and great service.  I doubt however that Mark and his team will be working until midnight tonight. 

So, best to get your tax preparer bond in place ahead of time, if you need to get one quick you can contact Mark and his team here.

5. You Don’t Realize CTEC May Have a 24 Hour Grace Period

Let’s say, God forbid, you don’t complete your course in time, you’re really, really close, but the clock strikes midnight and you’re not done.  We aren’t saying this is a fact, and don’t even think about quoting us on this, but there have been times where CTEC has employed a 24 hour grace period.  Finish that course, renew with CTEC at 3am in the morning, and hope for the best–they may count you as on time as long as you complete your 20 hour CTEC course and get registered with CTEC ASAP!

Don’t give up on not paying the $55 late fee.

Don’t ever, ever give up on not paying the $55 late fee…at least not until 24 hours past the on-time deadline…then you can give up.

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