Tips on Reducing Stress for the Tax Professionals

Do you sometimes feel you’re in a hurry to try to get through your emails or online courses?  Does social media and the fast pace life of rush, rush, rush have you rushing through things that sometimes you end up missing things, feeling like you can’t remember things anymore.

Here are some suggestions to slow your pace.

  • Take a ten minute breather every morning before you start your day and just think about how your morning has gone so far.
  • When you get irritated or frustrated with something, take a step back and let things settle in, walk away for 10 minutes and return to what you are doing to look at it with fresh eyes.
  • While taking a test, you seem to know the answers but you’re getting them wrong.  Revisit the material and see if you understood it correctly. Maybe when you first read it you were thinking about paying your bills, the weekend plans, your kids standing there asking you a question, the phone keeps ringing and you’re thinking that you need to call them back.
  • Go for a 30 minute walk every day to help you clear your mind and enjoy the outside.
  • Take 10 minutes to unwind at the end of the day and think about how your day went and how you feel.

Share with us some of your ways that you slow down your pace.

I also wanted to share that we have a Facebook page community to help you with any tax questions you might have.  Since we know that at times we might be working alone in an office and sometimes have no resources or people to reach out for help.  

Here is the link

Hope that helps with relieving some stress.

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