Time To Renew

Time to Renew


Hi Pronto Tax Class Student!


If you are seeeing this page it means that your membership has expired. Your membership was good for one year from your purchase date to complete your Pronto Tax Class Tax Preparation Course. However, if for some reason you need to continue past a year, Pronto offers a discounted price for our renewal plans.


$99 for one year extension


Your test and test results are still in our system waiting for you. However, please be aware the test is updated annually. If you would like to renew membership please follow these instructions.



1. Go back to the Home Page http://www.ProntoTaxClass.com

2. Look for your Student Menu and hover over it

3. Look for My Account and click on it

4. You should see your account status as “Expired”. Click on the package and follow the instructions to renew your membership.


Once you have paid the renewal fee, you will be able to pick up where you left off on your test.







If you reached this page and you believe your account should be working and you don’t need a renewal please contact Pronto Customer Support