3 Secrets To Avoid The Tax Apocalypse

You are probably thinking, wait … what tax apocalypse?!

This recent tax bill has passed and is a tax reform simplification that will enable 9 out of 10 Americans to file their own taxes on a postcard.

Don’t freak out yet, because Pronto Tax School is giving you three secrets that will help you avoid this tax apocalypse, thank God!


How To Make More Money Without Working More Hours

How To Be More Respected And Appreciated

How To Combine Forces With Other Tax Professionals To Decrease Risk And Increase Profits

How To Make More Money Without Working More Hours

The first few steps to make more money without working more hours would be to adapt your pricing to better reflect your value to clients, concentrate on clients that need a lot of help, and separate tax consulting and resolution.

You will be able to make more money by knowing more about your clients who need more attention. You can offer them tax consulting help and tax resolution plans. You will be helping current clients and getting paid to go more in depth with your client’s tax needs, instead of working to get more clients or do more tax returns.

How To Be More Respected and Appreciated

You need to make your goal as a tax preparer to please your client and create a trustworthy relationship. A tax preparer is never fully successful unless they can say that they have a strong and trustworthy relationship with their clients. If your clients trusts you they will respect and appreciate you!

Learn more about your client, don’t just keep it tax professional and client, actually get to know your client. You can still get work done and be friends with your clients; you want them to feel comfortable around you and have a reason to keep you as their tax preparer. This will also help with referrals which is gold to tax preparers!

How To Combine Forces With Other Tax Professionals To Decrease Risk And Increase Profits

Some tax preparers believe they are all alone out there, it is them against the world, and other tax professionals are only competition. Well, that is not the case, especially if you are trying to survive this tax apocalypse. Tax professionals need to learn to stand together not against each other.

It is good idea to have multiple ideas to share among each other. You can combine ideas and help each other, someone might have a good idea you need to help your company. Pronto Tax School paired with Adam Shay, CPA tax professional. He shared his course with Pronto Tax School!

If you would like to learn more you can watch Pronto Tax School’s own Andy Frye’s webinar on How To Survive Profit From The Upcoming Tax Preparer Apocalypse!