Thinking About Becoming an Enrolled Agent? Worried about time?

One big reason why people decide NOT to go for becoming an EA is…lack of time.

  • Many of the tax pros considering getting the EA credential are very busy serving their clients.
  • This can create a dynamic where studying for the EA exam means “losing money”–because that time studying could be spent making money, serving existing clients.
  • I believe this concern is actually quite a valid reason for choosing not to become an EA, or doing it later.

I do also want to share one way that we have addressed this “lack of time” concern for our valued Pronto Tax School Members:

  • Our EA Exam Preparation Training Program with TaxMama® Eva Rosenberg offers up to three years from the date of purchase to access any particular part of the study materials. (Remember EA Exam has three parts.)
  • This solution allows you to study for one part of the exam at a time, without losing access to the other parts, which you can open and access when you’re ready for that part anytime within three years of your purchase date.
  • This takes the pressure off you to try to pass all three parts within a short time period. You can simply take it step by step, part by part, take your time, and then access the next part once you’re done with the one before.
    For already busy tax pros, creating a study PLAN is super important.

I hope this information helps you to think about how to manage your time to give yourself the best chance of success, IF you do decide to pursue becoming an EA.

Learn more about Pronto Tax School’s Enrolled Agent Program here.

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