The Uber-ization of the Tax Preparation Industry: Webinar

Free Training Webinar: November 16th, 12 pm PST / 3 pm EST

Pronto Tax School Offers Tax Professionals Online Learning Webinars

As we start to look towards a new year, which means a new tax season, I think it’s wise to evaluate:

1. New threats that can decrease our chances of achieving Work-Life Excellence, and
2. New opportunities that can increase our chances of achieving Work-Life Excellence.

That’s why we’ll be hosting a free training webinar called “The Uber-ization of the Tax Preparation Industry” on Wednesday, November 16 at 12pm PST / 3pm EST.

“Uber-ization” meaning the efforts from certain well-funded technology companies to allow any client, anywhere, at any time to click a couple buttons and connect with a professional tax preparer and get his or her taxes done “on demand.” 

You know, like how you click buttons in Uber or Lyft and then you get a ride–this is like that but instead of getting a ride, you get your tax return completed. 

If this topic interests you, click here to review the event details and register for the free training.

  • Please bring your questions, too, because we have found that YOU, as the webinar participant, provide amazing value for your fellow tax pros…and plus it’s just fun when the webinar chatroom lights up with real tax pros asking real questions.

Hope to see you there November 16! You do not need to be a Pronto Tax Member to attend. This webinar is open to the public.