The Truth About Money

The Truth About Money

When people have perpetual financial issues, it’s usually a case of a long standing and overall poor relationship with money. The art of changing that requires a mindset shift which leads to a new and healthier mental approach. Better thinking translates to better attitudes. New behaviors are then formed and positive results follow.

Please take a few moments to contemplate the ideas contained within the quote below. Read it at least a couple of times:

“You have much more opportunity to earn more money than you do to ‘not spend’ money, and yet most people spend hours upon hours clipping coupons and perusing daily deal sites instead of brainstorming how to earn more money and solve people’s problems.” – Susan Fujii, Kung-Fu Finance  

Spending time and energy on constantly cutting costs comes from a negative mindset. Certainly we should continue to manage expenses. That is a part of the money game but that shouldn’t be where our greatest focus is aimed. The idea must be to escape that habit, which is poverty consciousness, and form a new perspective: “brainstorming how to earn more money and solve people’s problems.”    

Susan Fujii has it right. Her quote highlights important points. Personal austerity gets us only so far. We can’t save our way to wealth or financial independence by extreme cost cutting. That’s an exhausting road to a non-solution. When we focus too much on the lack of money, we can only attain more….lack of money.

Instead, the journey towards financial independence begins by increasing our incomes so we then have more money to save and invest. It’s our responsibility to take most of that worry and budget slashing energy and begin transferring it towards creating value. If that seems unrealistic in the beginning, it’s usually because the old mindset wants to continue doing what it had been. Old habits die hard. Determination overcomes that.

If money is a negative issue for you, commit to gain a better understanding of why that might be so. Consider honestly where your focus has been and if that’s a “healthy” place. Can we possibly expect to achieve financial freedom if we live our days operating with a poverty mindset? Not likely.

The way to overcome the old mindset is to begin shifting focus towards earning more money; to begin shifting from a negative cost-cutting mindset to a positive value-adding approach. The mind may resist at first but will eventually comply. You can add value to the world, make it a better place and make more money all at the same time.

But you must begin shifting your thoughts in that direction first. After all, you already are making money with the current skills that you possess, correct? So to make MORE money, all you need to do is take your skills, add to the way you create value and do it for more people. That’s it.

Adding more value means earning more money and is the beginning of escaping the poverty mindset.

And today is the perfect day to begin practicing that…

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